Saturday, November 24, 2007

To begin; fold in half

I realize that the term mental origami may not be all the unique, but it aptly represents my thinking. Sometimes we believe that we're off to a great start. Our minds create the perfect scenario. However, when we attempt to execute the plan, it turns out to be nothing more than a no fly paper airplane. Our mental process has to unfold and start with a crinkled relief map (instead of a pristine sheet of paper).

This blog, for instance. It might turn out to be a blunder. I have no idea at this moment in time if anyone will have reason to read the often meandering thoughts of a 42 year old single mom. I don't live on the edge; nor do I take brisk walk with madame danger. What I do do (yes, I said do-do) is raise a child on my own in threatening economic times. My child is trying to beat the odds in a non-compassionate, celebrity obsessed world. I'm attempting to date in a world that seems so shallow and self-centered. For the record, the dating pool seems to be more like a foot soak. I'll delve into that in blogs to come, I'm sure.

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