Sunday, November 25, 2007

Irritation creams can't relieve

There are things in life that leave me with an itchy trigger finger. Well, provided I was a gun owner and/or advocated the use of firearms. I look mild mannered and chipper in my photos. Yet, as of late, I feel like there is a churning pot of lava just waiting to explode from the very depths of my soul.
Because the internet is so PUBLIC even when you think you've turned on the privacy preferences, I can't specify why I feel this boiling sense of contempt. I can write this: The amount of stupidity and blatant disregard for others has just been eating away at me. I need to find a happy place. I need to be surrounded by people who actually use more than .5% of their brains. Yes, there is a point in front of that number five.
I am so desperately wondering when did it become acceptable to say, "I dunno" and be proud of feigning ignorance. Perhaps these people are truly ignorant. No, ignorant would imply that they simply don't know..they've never been taught; therefore, the response of "i dunno" is acceptable. These people I speak of have been taught. Time and time again they are shown and told the hows and whys. What word perfectly describes someone who knows; yet, conveniently forgets so they don't have to be accountable? It is inexplicable. I'd say they were apathetic, but that doesn't quite cover it. They are apathetic, but there's more.
This behavior, because I'm neck deep in it much of the time, leaves me feeling strained. I feel like they are a noose around my neck and I'm awaiting the executioner (figuretively speaking, of course). It's disheartening to see someone act stupid when you know they are not.
My vent is over ... for the time being.

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