Thursday, March 14, 2013

Time flies

"The Wedding Singer" presented by our community theater ( ) came and went without so much as a blog post from me. Why? Well, I was preoccupied with work, rehearsals, social-life.

Wait, what? Did you just read social-life? Indeed you did. Now, don't get too excited thinking I found me a may-un. No, no. What resulted from being in a musical production of the movie by the same name is friendships. Say that one more time. Friendship. Local. Easily accessible.

Let's back up a little bit because the performances of "The Wedding Singer" deserve some attention.

I had the best time performing on a stage where my high school days were spent. Additionally, my son and niece were also in the show. Our little winter production even received a review from the newspaper. That hasn't happened in a long time. See, this presentation didn't come without some controversy. The Daily Journal called us "racy but worthwhile." Yep. For this theater group we pushed the envelope by not dropping/altering the cussing, sexual content. The show came with blatant warnings some people chose to ignore (and then complain about later) and all that did was give us even more publicity. Favorable.

George & Rosie "Move That Thang" 

Mancub and his stage bride

Back to the best thing to come from being in that show other than feeding my much starved ego (applause is my high) was meeting people with whom I proudly call 'family.' My cast mates all hold a place in my heart for making the experience so much fun. However, there are a handful that filled a massive hole in mine and Mancub's lives. At this point it amazes me how I functioned without them. Isn't that weird? You don't know what is missing until you have it.

My 'family' at Mulan Jr sans Marc. Where is Marc!?
Something that is even more astounding for me is that I have no problem letting them know how I feel. Saying, "I love you" isn't just a passing phrase. Other than my son, I wasn't inclined to hugging people who didn't know me for a lifetime. Now, I find that I crave being embraced by these people who've welcomed us into their lives and homes. It is safe to say that the five gentleman and one lady are my human Zoloft.

Dana, Frank & me

And that's why I have not written in quite awhile. My days are fulfilled. I bitch a lot less. I laugh a lot more. It is my quest to get back to babbling for my own entertainment, which, hopefully will entertain you.

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